"DP is in a very strong position, as evidenced by its continued growth and recognition from its clients in the BRW Awards. The focus going forward will be to stick to what we do best, and that is providing integrated practical solutions to clients across a range of geotechnical, environmental and groundwater projects, with a further emphasis on providing efficient, timely and cost effective services."

Will Wright 
Managing Director 

About Us - our branch managers


Douglas Partners operates a comprehensive network of 15 offices and 9 NATA registered laboratories strategically located to efficiently service our clients' needs.

Our Branch Managers drive success by leading their team to be energetic and proactive; providing our clients and projects with practical, cost-effective and timely advice and solutions for their projects.

Douglas Partners Brisbane 

 Andrew Middleton

Andrew has over 25 years experience in geotechnical investigations in Australia and overseas. He has been responsible for planning and direction of geotechnical investigations, feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed investigations and analysis for developments including major transport projects (road and rail), infrastructure (mining, power and water industries), and industrial developments.




Douglas Partners Canberra

Michael Jones

Michael is responsible for the planning and reporting of projects undertaken in the Canberra and Southern New South Wales regions. His experience includes preparation of proposals and geotechnical reports, engineering input into large scale earthworks projects, logging and sampling of subsurface strata, interpretation and analysis of field and laboratory test results, inspection of bored piers and pad/strip footings for design compliance, computer modelling and analysis of structures including pavements.



Douglas Partners Cairns

Dan Martin

Dan has 20 years experience in geotechnical investigation, assessment, and design and has project managed several hundred separate geotechnical investigation projects. His area of expertise covers: subdivision investigation and reactive soil classifications; development over soft soils; pavement thickness design and subgrade assessment; shallow, deep footing and retaining wall investigations; excavation assessment and stability; site preparation earthworks and on-site effluent disposal.



Douglas Partners Central Coast

Darryl Carson

Darryl is the Central Coast Branch Manager. With over 16 years experience as a geotechnical engineer, his expertise includes management of engineering and support personnel and project management, tender preparation, marketing, site investigation, analysis and reporting for a variety of work including geotechnical, environment and earthworks projects.




Douglas Partners Darwin

Michael Harris

Michael is an Associate Engineer with over 12 years’ experience in geotechnical consulting, and has been involved in  a broad range of challenging and routine engineering projects.   Michael’s experience includes site investigation and analysis for pipeline projects, mine subsidence, mine infrastructure,  dams, bridges, subdivisions, excavations, earthworks, Level 1 testing and inspections, pavements, slope stability assessments, multi storey buildings and  basements.  Michael has experience with the subsurface conditions and geology of the Northern Territory, northern NSW and the Hunter Valley (NSW), and has  experience with the associated geotechnical risks and practical design solutions.



Douglas Partners Sunshine Coast

Brett Egen

Brett is responsible for geotechnical projects undertaken in the Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay-Burnett regions. Projects include investigations for residential and commercial buildings, road and industrial pavements, railways, bridges, water and sewer infrastructure, subdivisions, industrial developments, communication towers, gas and mining infrastructure, earthworks supervisions, construction monitoring and acid sulfate soils. Other responsibilities include project costing and preparation of tender submissions, supervision of junior staff and assisting in business development. 



Douglas Partners Geelong

Arthur Rowling

Arthur has 15 years’ experience carrying out ground investigation projects including geotechnical, environmental and groundwater assessments in Australia and overseas. His most notable project work includes assessment of failed slopes, drilling works over water, field work adjacent to live train lines, investigating sites with high unexploded ordnance risk and assessing the use of dynamic compaction on weak fill contaminated with asbestos.




Douglas Partners Gold Coast

Gary Samuels

Gary is a Senior Engineering Geologist who has over 28 years experience providing geotechnical consultancy services to the private and public sectors.  He has been involved with numerous and broad ranging developments including industrial complexes, residential subdivision, high-rise developments, telecommunications towers, airports, shopping centres, marinas, bridges, dams and quarry assessments.  Gary has intrinsic knowledge of the Gold Coast and northern NSW subsurface conditions and local Council requirements.



Douglas Partners Macarthur

Chris Kline

As an Engineer/Hydrogeologist, Chris has managed a broad range of projects throughout the greater Sydney region and the Illawarra and South Coast. Initially working in DP Sydney, Chris has also worked in DP Wollongong and is now manager of the Macarthur office.


Douglas Partners Melbourne

Greg Anderson

Greg is a Principal Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in geotechnical consulting developed through a broad range engineering projects.   Greg’s experience includes site investigation and analysis for multi storey buildings, deep basements, dams, bridges, tunnels, subdivisions, excavations, earthworks slope stability, landslip, and pavements.  Greg has detailed knowledge of the subsurface conditions that exist across Melbourne and regional Victoria and the implications of these conditions in risk management and for cost effective design of civil and building development.



Douglas Partners Newcastle

Scott McFarlane

Scott is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer and has 16 years’ experience in geotechnical engineering at Douglas Partners.  Scott graduated from University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and is close to completing a Master of Engineering Science degree at UNSW.  Scott commenced his career with Douglas Partners having being involved with many small to large earthworks, land reclamation and dam engineering projects in the Hunter Valley and North Coast areas. 


Douglas Partners Perth

Frederic Verheyde

Frederic graduated from a French engineering school, majoring in civil engineering and geotechnics with a specialisation in underground works. His experience includes geotechnical investigation and design for many large residential developments across WA, several major shopping centres in Perth, multi storey buildings with basements in the CBD, civil and mining infrastructures across WA and overseas. His specific interests include the analysis of two common problematic soils in northern WA: collapsing soils and gilgai soils.



Douglas Partners Sydney

Bruce McPherson 

With over 25 years’ experience in consulting and contracting, Bruce has worked on both ‘sides’ of many groundworks and foundation projects. With particular interests in basement construction, foundations, reactive and dispersive soils. Bruce also assists in lecturing undergraduates at the University of Sydney. He has carried out extensive pile testing and has written several published technical papers on this and other subjects. Major Project experience includes the foundation investigation and design for the Victor Trumper Stand at the Sydney Cricket Ground, the main bridge for Majura Parkway (ACT) and several deep basements in Sydney for residential and retail projects. Bruce has worked on several building upgrades where it has been necessary to carry out forensic sonic integrity testing to determine the existing footing dimensions. 



Douglas Partners Townsville

Mark Arnold

Mark joined Douglas Partners in 1999 following a period working overseas and upon completion of a Master of Engineering Science.  He is a local graduate of James Cook University and is responsible for managing geotechnical investigations and contamination assessments within the area stretching from Rockhampton in the south to Cardwell in the north, and west to the Northern Territory border.  Mark has a broad range of onshore, near shore and offshore experience, from acid sulfate soils investigations to domestic landslide hazard assessments and large scale infrastructure projects

Douglas Partners Wollongong
Arthur Castrissios
Arthur Castrissios has over 20 years' experience in geotechnical engineering consulting.  He graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in 1994 and completed a Masters of Engineering Science from UNSW in 2002.  He was Campbelltown (now Macarthur) office manager during 2003 – 2004 and was appointed Geotechnical Group Manager for the Wollongong office in December 2004.  He transitioned to Wollongong Branch Manager in February 2016 and is responsible for the planning and reporting of geotechnical projects undertaken in the South Coast Region.  During his time at DP his client-base and project experience has been varied and ranges from relatively small, residential projects to major residential subdivisions, multi-storey developments and heavy industrial projects.


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