A Career of Opportunities

We aim to attract, develop and maintain the very best graduates who have excellent communication and analytical skills, excel in a team environment and have a relevant degree in Geotechnical, Environmental or Civil Engineering. We offer opportunities to work in any of our offices throughout Australia.

Our graduate development programme is designed to provide you with genuine longterm career opportunities. The programme runs for three years with ongoing professional employee development.

Our Graduate Development Programme

You will have the opportunity to put your skills to use through the Graduate Development Programme. This programme allows you to gain experience in different work sections of Douglas Partners and expose you to our organisational culture, people and day-to-day operations.

Our Graduate Development Training Programme allows you to receive an education that stretches beyond the classroom. You are able to work with people at the top of their field, form bonds with participants and have the satisfaction of participating in projects.

You will assist more experienced professional staff undertake site investigation, analysis of a range of geotechnical and environmental problems and technical reporting.

The programme has three components: rotational assignments; professional development towards professional status with the relevant professional body; and internal training courses and seminars. Each component is designed to enhance your practical skills and provide a pathway to an invaluable career experience.

Rotational Assignments 

You will be required to complete four to five rotational assignments in the various speciality groups, where a portion of your time is spent in the field, observing and undertaking geotechnical and environmental activities. Other assignments are available once the mandatory rotation is completed. Each rotation lasts up to six months and is your opportunity to continue building a personal career development experience. The assignments provide opportunities for on-the-job training which is conducted as part of the normal experience of the employee. This is viewed by participants as a dynamic way to learn as it encompasses real work experiences.

Personal Development

Professional staff who attain professional status represent the highest professional standards, expressing a commitment to keeping pace with the increasing expectations and requirements.

Professional status is a credential which affords you recognition and most importantly, that you are competent to practice and exercise leadership within your fi eld. This generally takes 3 years to achieve and is undertaken in conjunction with the rotational assignments and internal and external training courses.

Training Courses & Seminars

Douglas Partners recognises the need for everyone to learn and develop their skills on a continuous basis and will support individuals to help them achieve this.

As well as on-the-job learning, staff training courses and seminars are held on an ongoing basis as an effective strategy to build knowledge and skills.

One of Douglas Partners' team members from the Graduate Development Programme

Our Employee Benefits

Douglas Partners offers a range of employment benefits including:

  • competitive pay based on performance
  • financial support for professional association fees
  • financial support for post graduate studies
  • training and career development
  • study leave
  • incentive bonus
  • prospects of share ownership
  • friendly work environment
  • challenging technical problems
  • opportunities to work outside and travel
  • promotion based on merit
  • additional annual leave after 5 years service
  • 12% superannuation company contribution after 3 years service

Post Graduate Continuing Education

Douglas Partners supports continuing education and encourages staff to undertake post graduate courses relevant to their work. Assistance is provided by way of study leave for lectures and exams and financial assistance with course related fees. Conditions apply.

Equal Employment Opportunities

All employees and applicants are entitled to fair practises in the workplace, recognition and respect for social and cultural backgrounds and opportunities to reach their potential.

We seek to provide a safe, productive and congenial working environment and do not tolerate any form of discrimination.

How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted via our website.

Your application must include a resume and any work experience references along with copies of your university transcript with results to-date.

Our graduate recruitment drive commences 1st July and all graduate applications should be received by 31st August.

Please note: incomplete applications will not be considered.  Due to the volume of applications, unsuccessful candidates will not be notified.


Short-listed applicants will be called for an interview.  During your interview we discuss your academic achievements, future goals and work experience.

Apply Now:

Part 1: Personal & Professional Details

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Part 2: Upload Supporting Documentation

You can add up to 10 files to your application.
Items you may want to upload could include your Cover Letter, Resume, Academic Transcript and any other documentation that supports your application (e.g. written references).

Please note: applications submitted without a resume may not be considered.

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