Tethyan Copper Company Limited
2008 - 2009
  • Groundwater Investigations
  • Geophysical Surveying
  • Test drilling & Test Pumping
  • Groundwater level monitoring
  • Numerical Modeling


Reko Diq Copper Project [Balochistan]

The Reko Diq Mining Project is a US$ 3.3 billion capital investment project that promises to build and operate a world class copper-gold open-pit mine at Reko Diq in the northwest district Chagai of Balochistan, the western province of Pakistan, bordering Iran and Afghanistan. The proposed processing plant will produce approximately 600,000 tons of copper concentrate a year, which will contain about 200,000 tons copper and 250,000 ounces of gold per year. The commercial mining operations are anticipated to last for over 56 years.

Located in dry and arid desert conditions, the Reko Diq site required a significant water supply, which will be groundwater based. Douglas Partners Principal Hydrogeologist Iain Hair project managed initial groundwater investigations in the Tahlab Valley area for Tethyan Copper Company Limited. Investigations included geophysical surveying, test drilling, test pumping, groundwater level monitoring and numerical modeling.
Since joining DP, he has remained involved in the project through analyzing hydraulic test data for SMEC and in undertaking an independent review of groundwater investigations for SMEC and project owner Barrick Gold Corporation.
TCC is committed to the development of a mining initiative that has the potential to cause the transformation of Balochistan’s dormant mineral resources into profitable mineral reserves. The project stakeholders including the Government of Balochistan and the Government of Pakistan shall be able to add significantly to their provincial and federal treasuries in order to undertake wider development projects in the best interest of the general masses. As soon as the TCC Reko Diq project goes into development, it will become a beacon for further investment into exploration and mining sectors in Balochistan and Pakistan in general.


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