Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC)
1999 - 2009
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Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) manages and operates the Port of Gladstone, which is located 525 km north of Brisbane and is Queensland’s largest multi-commodity port, housing the world’s fourth largest coal export terminal. Douglas Partners has been performing geotechnical and environmental onshore and offshore investigations and advice for a range of GPC projects since the late 1990s, for the following facilities and locations:

Facilities: rail loops, coal stockpiles, conveyor systems and transfer towers, bridges, dump stations, mobile equipment workshops, sea walls, shipping berths, jetties, mooring dolphins, capital and maintenance dredging works, navigation light towers, onshore dredged disposal containments.
Locations: RG Tanna Coal Terminal, Wiggins Island Coal Terminal, Main Shipping Channels, Fisherman’s Landing, Calliope River Rail Bridge.
DP Managing Principal and Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Ken Boddie, who has personally been involved in many of these previous works, advises that “DP’s varied and prolonged experience in a range of industrial subsurface investigations throughout the Gladstone area, for GPC and other industrial clients, their planners and designers, has allowed us to develop a good understanding of the difficult and often challenging soil and rock conditions to be found in the coastal plain and adjacent hills around Gladstone, and to provide practical advice on anticipated ground behaviour, geomechanical properties and ground improvement techniques.”
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