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Carl Deegan

Senior Associate / Hydrogeologist

Carl has over 23 years of experience in a wide range of hydrogeological projects and has undertaken work for clients in the mining, agricultural and tourism industries, and for government and semi-government authorities.

He is responsible for hydrogeological investigations for the evaluation, development and management of groundwater resources for town and mine water supplies, groundwater impact assessments for infrastructure and mining projects, aquifer sustainability, dewatering/ depressurisation of aquifers, groundwater management plans, and contaminated groundwater investigations.

Carl's fields of expertise include; groundwater resource assessments for potable water supplies, groundwater flow and contaminant transport (numerical) modelling, assessment of groundwater inflow rates to tunnels (using both numerical and analytical modelling), dewatering assessments for civil constructions and deep basements, dewatering management plans, design of monitoring programs, hydraulic testing of aquifers, and borefield design. In addition, he has environmental expertise in contaminated land assessments, contamination remediation projects, and landfills.

Carl has contributed to and project managed studies covering a wide range of groundwater aspects in most Australian states and overseas countries including Papua New Guinea and Kiribati.

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