Key People

Tara Adhikary

Senior Associate / Engineering Geologist

Tara is a senior associate of Douglas Partners with over 40 years’ experience both within Australia, New Zealand and overseas. Tara commenced his employment with Douglas Partners in June 2008.

Tara has been involved in a very broad range of development activities comprising engineering geological and geotechnical investigation for engineering design including assessments for slope stabilities, building foundations, tunnels, pipelines, dam sites and geotechnical and mine subsidence risk as well as retention /stabilisation of cut and fill slopes and basement excavation slopes.

Tara has extensive experience in carrying out and managing site investigations for geotechnical and engineering geological projects, aided by his specialist aerial photography interpretation skills. He spent several years managing site investigations in Nepal and New Zealand for pipeline (watermain, wastewater and gas), road (highways, bridges, and local roads), power (hydro and geothermal), tunnel (mining and wastewater) and slope stability assessment (residential, commercial and road) projects. Projects of particular relevance in New Zealand comprise slope stability assessments including instrumentation and monitoring for insurance companies, pipeline routes investigation and water transmission condition assessment. He has also involved in the geotechnical investigation of 10,000MW hydropower development in Western Nepal, and geotechnical hazard assessment of geothermal power plant sites in Indonesia.

For the last nine years in Australia, Tara has undetaken slope stability studies, temporary and permanent retention design of cut and fill slopes using soil nails and rock anchors, assessments of mine subsidence risk beneath the proposed and existing residential and commercial properties, and existing railway infrastructure. Tara has also undertaken geotechnical investigation for residential and commercial properties and for replacement and removal of railway tracks.

Tara gained a Master of Science, Applied Geology/Mining Geology from Patrice Lumumba Friendship University, Moscow in 1974.  He subsequently obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Geological Survey with particular focus on aerial photo interpretation and engineering geology from ITC, The Netherlands in 1984.