Electrical Resistivity Imaging & Sounding

Resistivity Imaging can provide cost effective, high resolution subsurface imaging, where sufficient contrast exists between the electrical properties of subsurface materials.

This technique has been successfully applied by Douglas Partners in a wide variety of environments.  Typical applications include:

  • Layer mapping
  • Depth to bedrock
  • Landfill Investigations
  • Void mapping
  • Groundwater and contamination investigations
Example 1:

Mapping the continuity and thickness of a clay layer along a proposed highway route was considered necessary to help assess the likelihood of future subsidence.  The models showed a strong correlation with nearby boreholes. 


Example 2:

Mapping a landfill pit boundary was required for a proposed development.  Resistivity contrasts between the landfill material and the underlying geology made delineation of the landfill boundary and thickness possible.


Vertical Electrical Soundings 

Vertical Electrical Soundings provide a 1D electrical profile of the subsurface, commonly used in earthing design for  lightning protection, electrical substations, power lines and pipelines.