Mining Geotechnics

Douglas Partners is experienced in providing mining and underground investigation and geotechnical/earthworks design services to the Mining sector.

Combining our vast mining project experience with our experienced  geotechnical, rock mechanics and earthworks consultants and engineers, Douglas Partners is able to provide integrated service solutions to clients within the mining industry.

Our investigations for surface and underground mining and our related geotechnical and earthworks design services include:

  • Surface and underground mapping;
  • Underground support analysis and design;
  • 2D and 3D modelling of stopes and long walls;
  • Design of stopes, shafts, declines, drifts and tunnels;
  • Subsidence studies;
  • Open pit and box cut stability and design;
  • Assessment of long wall parameters (including face width, caving characteristics, chock loads and face stability);
  • Air photo interpretation;
  • Shaft and drift investigation and design;
  • Geological outcrop mapping;
  • Surface geophysical surveys;
  • Hardstand, airstrip and haul road pavement thickness design;
  • Clean water, industrial and tailings disposal dams;
  • Footing capabilities and settlements for processing plant, conveyors and stacker reclaimer systems; and
  • Subgrade preparation, support and improvement for balloon loop rail lines, drop structures and bridges.

For more in-depth information about Douglas Partners' mining capabilities, take a look at our Rock Mechanics services.