Conceptual, Analytical & Numerical Modelling

Douglas Partners recognises that all models are only as useful as the data on which they are based. Furthermore, our hydrogeologists understand that not all groundwater problems can be solved with the same approach.

Our team have the experience to apply a variety of methods to help clients understand the scale of their groundwater issues, and inherent risks associated with uncertainty. Our capabilities include:

  • Development of sound conceptual hydrogeological models;
  • Application of proven analytical techniques to estimate specific components of the water budget (e.g. recharge analysis);
  • Estimation of aquifer (and well) parameters from the analysis of test pumping data; 
  • Construction, calibration, sensitivity testing, verification and uncertainty analysis for either regional or site based numerical models;
  • Steady state or transient modelling with all industry standard codes including USGS MODFLOW variants and MODFLOW SURFACT, FEFLOW, and SEEP/W;
  • Contaminant transport modelling;
  • Water quality and hydrochemical modelling;
  • Statistical modelling of hydrological data;
  • Design and assessment of dewatering systems;
  • Assessment of inflows to mines, tunnels and basement excavations; and
  • Groundwater impact assessment of mines and civil infrastructure projects.