Groundwater Supply

Groundwater resources are used for potable and other water supply purposes in a wide range of situations including: village water supply, rural and regional town water supply, mine water supply and water for irrigation and stock watering.

Groundwater utilisation systems can also vary considerably in nature.  Examples include waterbores / tubewells (deep and shallow), infiltration galleries, large diameter wells, spearpoint systems and borefields.  

Douglas Partners’ expertise in developing groundwater resources includes:

  • Review of geological mapping and hydrogeological data to focus on likely groundwater sources;
  • Geophysical surveying and test drilling to confirm resources;
  • Groundwater quality assessment;
  • Design of appropriate groundwater utilisation systems;
  • Hydraulic testing to confirm yield and sustainability;
  • Advice on rehabilitation of groundwater utilisation systems; and
  • Obtaining regulatory approvals.