Douglas Partners offers comprehensive Geotechnical services across Australia for diverse projects including infrastructure, industrial, commercial, and residential buildings, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, dams, renewable energy, and mining.

Our highly experienced and innovative team have a proven track record of successfully servicing projects throughout all development stages, encompassing detailed pre-development investigations, design-stage support, construction supervision, monitoring, and forensic assessments. Rely on our geotechnical expertise for dependable, cost-effective project solutions.



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Geotechnical Analysis & Design

At Douglas Partners, we offer leading geotechnical analysis and design solutions, harnessing the latest technologies and software to fulfill our clients’ unique requirements. Our specialised soil laboratories conduct precise testing to determine vital soil parameters crucial for tackling intricate geotechnical challenges.

Our expertise spans a wide spectrum of building and infrastructure projects, including:

Industrial, commercial and residential buildings, both low and high rise.
Deep basements and other excavations.
Roads and railways including pavements, bridges, tunnels, embankments, and cuttings.
Renewable energy developments (e.g., solar farms, wind farms, hydrogen plants), mines and dams together with their associated infrastructure.
Large earthworks, including in problematic soils (e.g., soft soils, reactive soils, dispersive soils, collapsing soils).

Our services include:

Foundation design (including bearing capacity and settlement of shallow footings, dynamic/seismic, slabs, all types of piles, pile test reviews).
Retaining structure design (including gravity walls, anchored, propped or cantilevered walls, reinforced soil walls).
Slopes and excavations (slope stability assessment, soil nail and anchor design).
Earthworks and embankments (stability analysis and settlement analysis).
Pavement investigation and design (flexible and rigid).
Geotechnical Proof engineering (PE) and Independent Verification (IV) for small and major projects.
Forensic engineering investigations and assessments.
Soft Soil engineering.
Mine subsidence assessments and analysis.
Mine closure assessments.
Ground improvement optioneerings and design and options.
Design and certification of temporary piling platforms and crane pads.

Construction Monitoring, Inspections, Testing & Advice

During the construction phase of residential, commercial buildings, and infrastructure projects, Douglas Partners offers an extensive array of services. Our role involves confirming that ground conditions align with the design assumptions while also evaluating conditions for temporary works. In instances where challenging ground conditions arise during earthworks, we devise effective solutions to mitigate these issues.

Services include:

  • Settlement and lateral displacement monitoring;
  • Field testing of foundation soils and rock.
  • Assessment of excavation and better stability.
  • Construction advice and analysis for temporary works.
  • Design and assessment of temporary piling platforms and crane pads.
  • Rock slope mapping and assessment of face support requirements.
  • Vibration assessment and monitoring.
  • Slope creep movement assessment.

Terrain Evaluation & Land Capability

Douglas Partners offers an integrated range of services tailored to clients seeking efficient and practical solutions for challenges related to land development projects.

Our team of geotechnical experts offer practical advice and provide efficient solutions to clients requiring terrain evaluation and land capability services for problems associated with their land development projects.

Our range of services include:

  • Preliminary air photo mapping.
  • Assessment of available geotechnical, groundwater and environmental data.
  • Hazard and risk assessments (e.g. land instability, site contamination, flood studies).
  • Assessment of foundation and road pavement conditions.
  • Identification and assessment of potential land contamination and groundwater problem areas.
  • Mapping, definition and testing of potentially problematic ground conditions.
  • Selection and categorisation of site suitability (e.g. housing, roads, parkland, industrial).
  • Definition and mapping of areas that require special/further work.
  • Environmental impact statements.
  • Earthworks quality control testing.
  • Coordination of laboratory testing;
  • Comprehensive reporting and site data.
  • Pavement thickness design.
  • Site classification.

Transport & Power Route Location Studies

Douglas Partners offers comprehensive services and solutions for Transport & Power Route Location Studies across Australia.

We provide expert advice on preliminary route location, achieved through a meticulous review of data elements, including:

  • Douglas Partners’ extensive in-house records of GIS-recoverable data relating to subsurface conditions and experience across most parts of Australia.
  • Published topography and geological mapping.
  • Aerial photography.
  • Specialised satellite technologies, such as INSRAM and other. 

This information serves as the foundation for strategic planning, precise location determination, and the subsequent execution of ground truthing intrusive investigations.

Specialist In Situ Testing, Drilling & Sampling

Douglas Partners owns and operates an extensive fleet of plant and drilling equipment, along with cutting-edge in situ testing devices, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality service, precise project control, and unwavering reliability for our clients.

We stand as a distinguished authority in cone penetration technology across Australia. To fortify our capabilities, numerous NATA registered laboratories dedicated to soil, rock, and concrete testing are seamlessly integrated into most of our offices. These facilities are further enhanced by specialised soil testing offerings, designed to support intricate geotechnical analyses. Additionally, we have the capability to establish field laboratories on remote sites, facilitating on-site sampling and field testing.

For more information, please see our testing services here.

Geomechanics For Near Shore & Off Shore Structures

Douglas Partners provides comprehensive geotechnical investigation and testing services for both Near Shore and Off Shore Structures across Australia.

Leveraging our integrated service approach and specialised testing equipment, we are well-equipped to deliver expert solutions and advisory support to clients seeking assistance with near shore and off shore structures.

Our services for offshore geomechanics encompasses a wide array of offerings:

  • Geotechnical investigations in the open sea from drilling ships and barges.
  • Specialised testing equipment, including a wide range of cone penetration testing gear, soil samplers and environmental monitoring systems.
  • Geotechnical design and analysis of offshore foundations, gravity based structures, well configuration and anchors.
  • Marine geophysical exploration.
  • Subsea inspections using licensed divers.
  • Onshore and offshore soils laboratory testing.
  • Geotechnical assessment and numerical analyses of soil behavior.
  • Site investigations for pipeline route surveys and assessment of seabed stability.
  • Dynamic pile capacity testing.
  • Sediment contamination assessments for dredging.
  • Offshore geotechnical surveys.
  • Evaluation of seismicity and site response.

Quarry Products & Resource Assessment

Douglas Partners offers an integrated suite of services tailored to clients seeking innovative and cost-effective solutions within the quarrying industry. Our team of highly qualified consultants stands ready to deliver a comprehensive array of support to quarrying clients in need of practical advice and effective problem-solving.

Our quarrying services encompass a diverse array of offerings:

  • Geological and reserve assessments.
  • Geological mapping services.
  • Provision of field drilling and testing services.
  • Laboratory testing by NATA accredited laboratories.
  • Transport and power route location studies, including terrain evaluation.
  • Excavatability.
  • Quarry planning services.
  • Geotechnical design and stability analyses.
  • Environmental Impact studies.
  • Groundwater control quarry products and resource assessment.
  • Operational support development studies.
  • Drilling and blasting optimisation studies.
  • Independent equipment and plant review.

Engineering Geology & Slope Stability Assessments

Our team of highly experienced engineering geology consultants specialises in delivering comprehensive services and support for engineering geology and slope stability assessments.

At Douglas Partners, we pride ourselves on our in-house assembly of qualified consultants, encompassing expertise in geotechnics, rock mechanics, and geophysics. This unique blend of proficiency equips us to offer clients expert guidance and innovative solutions.

Our offerings span a diverse range of areas:

  • Engineering geology (site evaluation; terrain evaluation and classification; materials sources, suitability and resource estimates; quarry site selection; route evaluation and selection).
  • Mining engineering (design of pit slopes and slope stabilisation; shafts, tunnels and underground rock mechanics; subsidence estimation; tailings dams and management systems; infrastructure; mine floor stability).

Renewable Energy Developments

Douglas Partners offers an integrated suite of services and vast experience to cater to clients seeking efficient and practical solutions for their renewable energy projects, including solar farms, wind farms, and hydrogen plants.

Our team of geotechnical experts provides invaluable guidance and leverages their extensive experience to tackle the typical geotechnical challenges associated with these projects, which include:
  • Identification of site and project-specific geotechnical risks and opportunities.
  • Assessment of ground conditions and geotechnical design parameters, to optimise proposed foundation systems (of particular significance for proposed solar arrays and wind turbines).
  • Assessment of suitable types of piled foundation system (for various structures) and post design types (e.g., for solar arrays), for the encountered ground conditions.
  • Impact of reactive soils on solar array pile systems (e.g., risk of seasonal ‘soil jacking’ of piles).
  • Provision of dynamic ground parameters, for proposed vibrating structures (turbines…).
  • Soil electrical resistivity testing and thermal resistivity testing.

Mining Geotechnics

With a wealth of experience, Douglas Partners specialises in delivering mining and underground investigation services, along with geotechnical and earthworks design solutions tailored for the Mining sector.

By synergising our extensive background in mining projects with the expertise of our geotechnical, rock mechanics, and earthworks consultants and engineers, Douglas Partners is uniquely positioned to offer seamlessly integrated service solutions to clients operating within the mining industry.

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses surface and underground mining investigations, as well as a range of geotechnical and earthworks design offerings, such as:

  • Surface and underground mapping.
  • Underground support analysis and design.
  • 2D and 3D modelling of stopes and long walls.
  • Design of stopes, shafts, declines, drifts and tunnels.
  • Subsidence studies.
  • Open pit and box cut stability and design.
  • Assessment of long wall parameters (including face width, caving characteristics, chock loads and face stability).
  • Air photo interpretation.
  • Shaft and drift investigation and design.
  • Geological outcrop mapping.
  • Hardstand, airstrip and haul road pavement thickness design.
  • Clean water, industrial and tailings disposal dams.
  • Footing capabilities and settlements for processing plant, conveyors, and stacker reclaimer systems.
  • Subgrade preparation, support, and improvement for balloon loop rail lines, drop structures and bridges.