Our story

Over 60 years of reliability and technical expertise

Douglas Partners' evolution

Our purpose

Grounded solutions for the built environment. 

Our values



  • Safety comes first in all we do.
  • We foster an inclusive and collaborative culture, enabling all to thrive.
  • We build trusted relationships and are defined by how well we take care of them.
  • We strengthen connections and make a positive difference where we work and live



  • We do what’s right for the environment, client and community.
  • Customers choose us because they trust our name, and people. We earn that trust by always acting honestly and with the highest level of integrity.



  • We’re proud of our industry-leading processes and are always looking for ways to improve.
  • We make improvement a daily habit as continuous improvements lead to sustainable innovation.



  • We pride ourselves on our high level of technical expertise.
  • We recognise quality is important in every step of the process.
  • We work together, utilising our collective knowledge and experience to provide grounded solutions.


Committed to sustainability, we align with UN Sustainable Development Goals, promoting water management, clean energy, resilient infrastructure, reduced environmental impact, and responsible purchasing. Our expertise supports environmentally responsible practices in projects such as ‘Star of the South’ solar farm.

Our Key People

At Douglas Partners, our key figures collaborate as a unified team, working together to drive our success.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Driving Positive Change for Communities and the Environment

Douglas Partners recognises that with a footprint which extends across a wide range of clients, industry sectors and geography we can make a real difference to our communities and the environment, for now and for future generations.

Read more about how we make a difference here

Health & Safety

We owe it to our clients to deliver on our services, but more importantly, we owe it to our employees and subcontractors to deliver on a healthy and safe work place.

At Douglas Partners our goal is that all people involved in our work go home safe and sound every day. We believe that the best way to achieve this outcome is to foster a positive safety culture. A culture where everyone in the business considers themselves a safety leader, where health and safety considerations permeate all that we do and where we work together as a team with everyone looking out for each other.


Our outstanding client service make
us a consistent choice for clients.

We strive to provide outstanding client service on each and every project. Our commitment to consistency is evident through our continuous recognition as finalists in the prestigious Financial Review Client Choice Awards, organized by Beaton Consulting, since 2008, with twenty two awards won over the last sixteen years.