Health & Safety

We owe it to our clients to deliver on our services, but more importantly, we owe it to our employees and subcontractors to deliver on a healthy and safe workplace.

At Douglas, we believe that safety related incidents and occupational illnesses are preventable.  We proactively identify critical health and safety risks and work to reduce the risk to as low as reasonably practicable.  We achieve this by fostering a positive culture of caring, diversity and wellbeing where every person is considered a safety leader and encouraged to look out for one another so that we all go home safe and well.

We keep health and safety an on-going priority by:

Continual promotion and improvement in work place health and safety

Complying with relevant health 
and safety, workplace injury management and workers compensation legislation and regulations

Planning work activities to eliminate or control foreseeable hazards or risks

Fostering a safety culture, including establishment of Committees

Providing appropriate health and safety consultation, instruction and training for employees

Maintaining equipment and workplaces in safe condition

We deliver on this by:

  • Setting clear and measurable targets to help us continually improve
  • Complying with and staying up to date on relevant laws and regulations
  • Diligently managing workplace injuries and workers compensation requirements
  • Establishing committees to further our positive and proactive safety culture and enable and encourage consultation
  • Training our employees to ensure everyone is aware of their workplace safety obligations
  • Regularly inspecting our places of work and maintaining equipment to ensure they are in a safe condition

We pride ourselves on continual improvement and demonstrate this in our safety performance to clients and employees.

Douglas recognises all employees as safety leaders, we hold this as a core value and reward this regularly.  We encourage our team to work safely together in a caring environment so everyone can go home safe and well.