Joel Cowan

Senior Associate / Geotechnical Engineer / Branch Manager

Joel is a Senior Associate of Douglas Partners and has 10 years’ experience in consulting geotechnical engineering.  Joel completed a Bachelor of Engineering degree at the University of Newcastle in 2009 and also completed a Masters of Engineering Science degree at the University of New South Wales in 2017.

Joel joined Douglas Partners in November 2007 and worked as an undergraduate engineer until completing his degree. Joel was promoted to a project manager in 2012 and Associate geotechnical engineer in 2017. Joel has worked in numerous locations all over Australia including Newcastle, The Hunter Valley, Sydney, Central Coast, Darwin, Central Queensland and the north coast of NSW.

Joel has extensive experience in all types of field work including borehole drilling, rock coring, pavement investigations, test pits, specialist mine subsidence equipment, installation of specialist geotechnical instrumentation and environmental sampling.

Joel also has experience in planning and preparing geotechnical investigations and some limited environmental investigations for both small and large developments including major highway upgrades, residential and commercial developments, coal mines, railway lines, dams and ports. Joel also has a wide experience with minor and major earthworks projects through inspections and providing specialist advice during civil works. Additionally, Joel undertakes landside risk assessments, acid sulfate soil assessments, and assists with combined geotechnical and contamination assessment projects.