Could asbestos be present on your site?


Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral that was widely used in Australia in automotive, building, construction and other materials (e.g., textiles) for its superior heat-resistant, and insulating properties.   The use of asbestos was banned in Australia in 2003, but given the wide use before this time, asbestos-containing materials (ACM) may still be […]

Pavement Overlay Design

Pavement Overlay Design

Pavement overlay is cheaper than reconstruction. It is suitable for shorter life span (asset prioritisation) and faster than reconstruction or stabilisation. Downloads Pavement-Overlay-Design – PDF Pavement-Overlay-Design – pptx

Douglas Partners’ 36th Annual Technical Seminar – A Celebration of Continuous Improvement

Douglas Partners Technical Seminar

Douglas Partners’ 36th Annual Technical Seminar was not just an assembly of professionals but a vibrant celebration of the theme of Continuous Improvement. At the core of the event were over 60 engaging presentations by engineers, scientists, and consultants from across the company. These sessions delved deep into project challenges, shared insights gained from overcoming […]

How Geotechnical Engineers determine the shear strength parameters of soil

Geotechnical Engineer preparing a soil sample for a laboratory test to determine shear strength

When it comes to understanding soil behavior and stability, one crucial aspect is its shear strength. The shear strength of a soil is defined as the soil’s ability to resist sliding along a plane when subjected to shear forces or loading. In geotechnical engineering, we are generally concerned with the shear strength of soil because, […]

Envirolab’s Special Gift Marks Douglas Partners’ Diamond Milestone

Envirolab's Special Gift Marks Douglas Partners' Diamond Milestone

Our long-time partner Envirolab commemorated our diamond anniversary with a truly special gift – a bespoke painting capturing the essence of our journey. Titled “The Crane Index,” the piece symbolises the longstanding tradition sustained by our Sydney Regional Manager, Bruce McPherson where he refers to the RLB Worldwide Crane Index in his annual speech at […]

Bradfield Central Park

Bradfield Central Park Project

We’re delighted to say we’re part of the ASPECT Studios-led team which will design the green heart for Bradfield City Centre in Western Sydney. Aspect Studios’ proposal for a city park that embodies the natural beauty of the Cumberland Plain has been selected as the winner of a design competition for the project. We will […]

2023 Consulting Women@Douglas Conference

2023 Consulting Women@Douglas Conference

Our second Consulting Women@Douglas Conference took place in early November at Darling Harbour, Sydney, gathering our female engineers, scientists and shared services leaders from across Australia.

Douglas Partners Joins Mirvac’s Grass N Grill Event to Support WAGEC

At Douglas Partners, we believe in making a positive impact beyond the realms of our professional endeavours. Recently, we had the privilege of participating in Mirvac‘s Grass N Grill event, a great initiative aimed at supporting the Women’s and Girls Emergency Centre (WAGEC) in Redfern. WAGEC is a feminist, grassroots organization dedicated to supporting women […]

Grounded in Excellence: Unveiling our renewed Brand Identity

In 2023, we’re thrilled to share a monumental moment in our 60-year history: the unveiling of our revitalized brand identity. At Douglas Partners, we believe that understanding the ground beneath is the foundation of success. With a team of 600+ professionals across 20 locations, we continue to deliver integrated solutions while upholding the highest industry […]

Three-dimensional Bearing Capacity of Footings on Sand over Clay

The assessment of bearing capacity in shallow foundations on layered soils has traditionally relied upon empirical models, often assuming the presence of a strip footing. In their recent research, published in the Australian Geomechanics Society journal, engineers Sean Goodall and Richard Merifield have delved into a comprehensive exploration of the three-dimensional bearing capacity. Specifically, their […]