Ensuring the protection of our precious groundwater resources has never been more critical, particularly as we plan for the needs of future generations.

Our services encompass:

  • Groundwater well installation.
  • Water quality and level monitoring.
  • Assessment of groundwater contamination.
  • Assessment and groundwater management strategies.
  • Bore decommissioning and grouting.
  • Numerical modelling.



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Groundwater Investigations

Understanding regional or local groundwater systems is a fundamental requirement for virtually any development, making groundwater investigations a crucial aspect of the planning process. The insights gained through these investigations are invaluable, guiding informed decision-making and ensuring successful project outcomes.

At Douglas Partners, we emphasise the significance of this understanding and bring extensive experience in conducting groundwater investigations. The reasons for conducting such investigations are diverse, and the methodologies and techniques used are equally varied. Our expertise in this field allows us to deliver comprehensive insights, ensuring that projects are well-informed, environmentally responsible, and sustainable.

Our services in groundwater investigations include:

Review of relevant information including geological mapping, hydrogeological data from Government databases and review of previous investigations.
Geophysical surveying;
Exploration drilling and borehole logging.
Construction of monitoring bores and installation of monitoring equipment.
Aquifer and well hydraulic testing (test pumping of water bores), and permeability estimation (slug tests).
Conceptual, analytical and numerical modelling.
Groundwater quality assessment.
Liaison with regulatory authorities.

Groundwater Monitoring

In groundwater assessments, crucial elements include information about groundwater quality and the direction and levels of groundwater flow.

Monitoring bores or piezometers are constructed to gather data on groundwater levels and quality. These monitoring networks help establish baseline conditions before development and track any changes over time.

Douglas Partners excels in groundwater monitoring, offering specialised expertise in this field. Our services in groundwater monitoring include:

  • The design and installation of groundwater monitoring networks comprising monitoring bores and/or piezometers.
  • The installation of vibrating wire piezometers (VWPs), downloading and processing of VWP data.
  • Installation of dataloggers, and the downloading, correction and analysis of pressure transducer data.
  • Installation of dataloggers in remote areas and downloading via telemetry (i.e., mobile phone networks).
  • Field recording of water quality parameters.
  • Sampling of groundwater for detailed analysis of chemical parameters at a NATA accredited laboratory.
  • Design and undertaking of groundwater monitoring programs.
  • Analysis and reporting of monitoring data for submission to Regulatory Authorities.

Conceptual Analytical & Numerical Modelling

At Douglas Partners, we know that the quality of underlying data is crucial for effective modelling. Our commitment to data integrity ensures reliable solutions, informed decisions, and successful outcomes.

Our expert hydrogeologists understand diverse groundwater challenges call for tailored solutions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. With our wealth of experience, we employ a range of methods to assist clients in comprehending the scope of their groundwater issues and addressing inherent uncertainties and associated risks.

Our capabilities encompass:

  • Development of conceptual hydrogeological models.
  • Application of proven analytical techniques to estimate specific components of the water budget (e.g. recharge analysis).
  • Estimation of aquifer (and well) parameters from the analysis of test pumping data. 
  • Construction, calibration, sensitivity testing, verification and uncertainty analysis for either regional or site based numerical models.
  • Steady state or transient modelling with all industry standard codes including USGS MODFLOW variants and MODFLOW SURFACT, FEFLOW, and SEEP/W (2D and 3D).
  • Contaminant fate & transport modelling.
  • Water quality and hydrochemical modelling.
  • Statistical modelling of hydrological data.
  • Probabilistic Analysis including prediction of water levels.
  • Design and assessment of dewatering systems.
  • Assessment of inflows to mines, tunnels and basement excavations.
  • Groundwater impact assessment of mines and civil infrastructure projects.

Impact Assessment & Approvals

At Douglas Partners, we recognise that safeguarding groundwater resources requires a comprehensive assessment of development impacts on existing systems. Our expertise ensures meticulous management for sustainable utilisation, preserving and protecting these invaluable resources.

For most development and groundwater utilisation projects seeking regulatory approvals, an Assessment of Impact is a prerequisite. Drawing on our vast experience, we are well-equipped to in undertake comprehensive Impact Assessments, providing informed solutions that address the complexities of groundwater utilisation and ensure responsible and sustainable practices.

Our expertise in undertaking Impact Assessments includes:

  • Collection of baseline data.
  • Development of Conceptual Hydrogeological Models.
  • Qualitative assessment of impacts.
  • Assessing quantitative impact using analytical or numerical modelling.
  • Evaluating management strategies.
  • Developing groundwater monitoring programs.
  • Undertaking compliance reporting.

Dewatering & Groundwater Control

At Douglas Partners, our team comprises highly experienced Hydrogeologists and Groundwater Engineers armed with cutting-edge technology and software, empowering us to offer unparalleled assistance to clients seeking data interpretation, modelling, assessments, and expert advice in dewatering and groundwater control.
With our advanced resources and in-depth expertise, we deliver compelling solutions that ensure efficient and sustainable management of groundwater challenges.
Our capabilities include:
  • Aquifer simulation for steady state or transient problems for water supply and dewatering.
  • Contaminant migration modelling.
  • Processing of pumping test data from data loggers.
  • Water quality and hydrochemical modelling.
  • Statistical modelling of hydrological data.
  • Development of conceptual hydrogeological models.
  • Design and assessment of dewatering systems.
  • Assessment of inflows to mines, tunnels and basement excavations.
  • Groundwater impact assessment of mines and civil infrastructure projects.

Groundwater Contamination

Groundwater contamination can stem from various sources, such as landfill sites containing sanitary and hazardous wastes, petroleum leaks and spills, septic and chemical storage tanks, tailings dams, radioactive waste, and the use of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers in agriculture.
Prevention, detection, and control measures play a crucial role in ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of this invaluable resource. At Douglas Partners, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that mitigate risks, promote responsible practices, and safeguard our groundwater for generations to come.

Our expertise in this field includes:

  • Site contamination assessment.
  • Underground storage tank evaluation.
  • Installation of monitoring wells and groundwater monitoring.
  • Assessment of extent of contamination.
  • Design of landfills and tailings dams.
  • Contaminant fate & transport modelling.
  • Remediation strategies.
  • Remediation monitoring and validation.
Environmental Auditing