Support @ Douglas 2024: Empowering teams for continuous improvement

The second annual Support @ Douglas seminar recently convened members from our Shared Services and Branch Administration teams across our 19 locations nationwide.

This event not only underscores the pivotal role these teams play in ensuring the effective functioning of our business but also
acknowledges that they represent the backbone of Douglas Partners, with their collective contributions being integral to our success.

The seminar included presentations and workshops that served as avenues for professional development, facilitating effective collaboration and fostering connections among peers across the country. The event commenced with a thought-provoking question posed by the General Manager: Can one single thing make how we do business easier? The resounding answer was found in the philosophy of Continuous Improvement – a key pillar within the culture at Douglas Partners. 

Douglas Team Support Services

Continuous Improvement in Action

The sentiments of continuous improvement were interwoven in the presentations, workshops, and activities throughout the seminar. Examples of content covered were:

  • Demonstration of products/applications:

Our Group Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager showcased how several digital applications can assist multiple level of the company to develop strategic goals, prepare objectives, develop initiatives, solve problems and run projects effectively.

  • Business updates:

Finance and HR updates highlighted the pivotal roles these departments play in supporting the company’s strategic goals. From enhancing financial analyses to implementing HR newsletters and online career reviews, Douglas Partners is empowering its teams for success.

  • Tech innovations:

Attendees were briefed on the latest tech innovations, including system upgrades, the introduction of mobile applications for field logging, and new methods to streamline support and operations within the team.

  • Workshops:

Interactive workshops tackled topics such as navigating difficult conversations, improving IT workflows, enhancing accounts payable and receivable processes, and how our Shared Services and Branch Admin teams can improve project setup to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. These sessions provided a platform for brainstorming and collaborative problem-solving, embodying continuous improvement in action.

Shared Services Workshop - Douglas Partners
The Support @ Douglas event exemplifies Douglas Partners’ commitment to innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Here’s some feedback from the Douglas Partners Team on the event: