Frederic Verheyde

Principal / Regional Manager WA/NT

Frederic Verheyde obtained a masters degree in civil engineering and geotechnics with a specialisation in underground works from a French Engineering School in 1996.  He is a Company Principal, a Fellow of the institution of Engineers Australia (FIEAust), a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), a Registered Professional Engineer (NER) in the areas of Civil and Subdivisional Geotechnics, and a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) and Victoria. He received the Baden Clegg Award from the Australian Geomechanics Society in 2002, published several technical papers on geotechnical topics and regularly presents technical presentations to the Industry.

Fred offers 25 years in geotechnical investigations and design for large residential, commercial and industrial developments, civil and mining infrastructures, linear transport infrastructures, and multi-storey buildings with deep basements. In particular, Fred has extensive knowledge of the ground conditions across WA, their geotechnical risks and opportunities, gained from thousands geotechnical investigations.

Fred is a long-term member of the Western Australia Pavement Group, which is a sub-committee of the Australian Geomechanics Society. He designed, provided construction support and provided expert advice for hundreds of pavements in WA (including new pavement, rehabilitation and forensic investigations).  Notable pavements include Tonkin Highway, Roe Highway, Leach Highway, Reid Highway, Great Northern Highway, Great Eastern Highway, runways for regional aerodromes and heavy-duty industrial pavements.

Selected interests include the identification and characterisation of problematic soils across WA (such as reactive soils, collapsing soils, karsts and soft soils), pile design and testing, pavement design, and groundwater. Fred provides project direction and technical reviews for most projects undertaken in WA and many in the NT. He managed the WA branch of Douglas Partners between 2006 and 2021 and has been Regional Manager for WA and NT since 2020.