Douglas Partners understand our clients’ requirements in the Marine sector and our Groundwater, Geotechnical and Environmental teams offer a range of services.

The range of services Douglas Partners provides to the Marine sector include:

Geotechnical investigations in open waters, harbours, rivers and estuaries from drilling ships and barges;
Specialised testing equipment, including a wide range of cone penetration testing, soil samplers and environmental monitoring systems;
Geotechnical design and analysis of near shore and offshore foundations, gravity based structures, well configuration and anchors;
Marine geophysical surveys, including seismic reflection and refraction, sonar and magnetics to assess potential hazards, bottom sediment type and depth;
Subsea inspections using licenced divers;
Onshore and offshore soils laboratory testing;
Offshore geotechnical surveys including site investigations for pipeline routes and assessment of seabed stability;
Dynamic pile capacity testing;
Environmental assessment of marine and estuarine sediments;
Conductivity Cone penetration testing to determine stratification and comparative contaminant levels;
Acid sulfate soil assessment of sediments;
Specialist in-situ sampling and testing of fine sediments;
Dredged spoil disposal advice; and
Harbour reclamation studies.

Meet some of our key consultants and engineers who can provide cost-effective, innovative and practical solutions for your marine project.