Douglas Partners 32nd Annual Technical Seminar

Recently we held the 32nd annual Douglas Partners Technical Seminar at Sydney University. The theme for this years’ Technical Seminar was “Adding Value with Our Values”.

The primary purpose of the Technical Seminar, as suggested by its name is to provide technical training for our consulting and key laboratory staff. This includes a variety of seminars in the fields of geotechnical, environmental, laboratory and digital consulting.

This year saw almost 300 staff from across our 20 offices in attendance. With nearly 60 presentations over two days by staff, there were four concurrent strands of talks being held at any given time. Presentation topics included Hazard Reduction and Precautionary Works for Sites with Risk of Slope Instability, Value Based Pavement Design Options, Adding Value to your Client’s ASS, Digital “Good” Practice for Medium to Large Projects and A Fresh Look at Geophysics for Geotechnical Environmental and Groundwater Applications among many others. The high quality of this years’ presentations made it hard for those in attendance to decide which ones to attend.

A panel discussion chaired by our General Counsel, Michelle Golafshan with panel members Will Wright (Managing Director), Bruce Stewart (Chairman) and Heather Bathe (Health, safety and Wellbeing Manager), discussing the topic “What’s Values Got To Do With It?” was well received by all those in attendance.

The seminar also provides the opportunity for staff to meet and socialise with staff from other offices and provides our newly recruited graduates an opportunity to talk with key staff across the business.

For a snapshot of this years’ seminar, take a look at the highlights video below.