Douglas Partners 34th Annual Technical Seminar

True to a unique tradition at Douglas Partners, we were excited to recently gather and celebrate the 34th annual Technical Seminar.

While we are spread throughout Australia, the Technical Seminar is a special opportunity to bring the great minds at Douglas Partners together. Through various presentations, seminars and panel discussions, there is a collective exchange of skills, learning, advice, and mentorship.

Important milestones and achievements, including promotions, excellence awards and anniversaries were celebrated.

This year we observed the theme ‘Strategic Synergies’, a symbol of how we as a group are all contributors of the same aspiration.

There were 22 presentations, some notable talks included: ‘M1 Extension – Strategic synergies on a unique site investigation project’, a presentation on the challenging site investigation, a discussion on the geotechnical works undertaken at the ‘New Sydney Fish Market’, as well as an overview of the ‘approach to Geophysics at Douglas’.

This year the event was hosted in a hybrid format where teams gathered in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, and all presentations were then broadcast between these sites virtually to create a shared experience. In our usual style, it was a valuable knowledge-sharing opportunity, as well as a much needed, and long-awaited opportunity to connect with colleagues not seen in person since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We look forward to all branches connecting at the one venue next year.

For a snapshot of this years’ Technical Festival, watch the highlights video below.