Douglas Partners Embraces International Women’s Day 2019

Today is International Women’s Day and the theme is: Better Balance – Better World. It’s something we can all strive for and we will all benefit from.

At Douglas Partners balance means providing a fair and inclusive workplace culture, where everyone feels they have the opportunity to uniquely contribute and embrace their individuality which ultimately provides better outcomes for women and men alike. We are not perfect, but we are working hard to make improvements for both women and men and are happy with our progress over the last year which includes:

  • The launch of Company Paid Parental Leave;
  • Implementation of balanced gender panels for recruitment processes – with selection based on merit.
  • Enhanced recruitment processes has led to an increased gender and cultural balance and we look forward to continued improvements.
  • Ongoing management training to develop Inclusive Cultures.
  • Increased leadership training and technical training opportunities.
  • Improved gender balance in leadership positions.
  • Additional diversity on our Remuneration Committee.
  • Pay gap analyses to confirm avoidance of gender bias in salaries.
  • Support for and attendance at various IWD events.

We are committed to expanding this list and we all have a part to play. This can be to collaborate and challenge stereotypes and gendered-roles in an effort to create a balanced reality where everyone can enjoy equal rights and opportunities.