DP Achieves Global Standard Certification for OH&S in Sydney and Melbourne

At Douglas Partners, the commitment to providing a safe working environment sits at the pinnacle of all business functions. Therefore, it is one of Douglas Partners’ core values, because it concerns its greatest asset- its people.

ISO 45001 OHS Certification

The team at Douglas Partners is, for this reason, very proud to announce that the Sydney and Melbourne branches have successfully achieved certification of ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

This third-party certification represents an acknowledgement from our external auditors, BSI, of our achievement on the international standard for health and safety, which provides a framework for ongoing proactive improvement of health and safety performance.

Team DP is proud that their Occupational Health & Safety System (via Sydney and Melbourne) is now formally recognised as complying with ISO 45001. This achievement demonstrates that DP has met the robust international standards required to achieve certification of their Occupational Health and Safety Management System and shows their firm commitment to health and safety.

With this exciting outcome, DP will continue to manage risks, strengthen their positive health and safety culture, and strive to look out for each other so everyone goes home safe and well.

“As a company that continually strives to prevent injuries and ill health, and to continually improve its systems, having an effective WHS Management System is paramount, and external, formal recognition of our System is icing on the cake”

Will Wright- Managing Director, Douglas Partners