Brisbane Common Ground

The site of Brisbane Common Ground, located in the arts precinct of South Brisbane, was originally the site of an engineering workshop and foundry. Before building could commence, Douglas Partners provided detailed site investigation and remediation of the site in order to facilitate removal of the site from the State Environmental Managment Register.

Brisbane Common Ground is a new affordable housing development in South Brisbane specifically designed with on site support services for social inclusion. It combines 14 levels containing 146 residential units and a two-level basement carpark, as well as community spaces. Douglas Partners provided the client with specialised contaminated land assessment and remediation services to clean up the site and enable removal of the property from the Queensland Environmental Management Register.

Douglas Partners firstly conducted a detailed investigation of the property with the objective of identifying and quantifying any soil or groundwater contamination. This assessment identified high concentrations of lead in the soil, which originated from previous industrial use of the site as an engineering workshop and foundry.

Remediation of the site was designed to minimise the duration of works and inconvenience to residents in the surrounding apartments. Contaminated soil was segregated and removed for off-site disposal. All remedial works were carefully monitored, and specialist geotechnical advice was also provided during remediation and civil works to ensure the continued stability of the adjoining buildings.

All excavations, and the effectiveness of remediation, were validated to the satisfaction of both the Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management.

On completion of remediation, Douglas Partners facilitated removal of the site from the Environmental Management Register to allow development without environmental restrictions.

View of the completed Brisbane Common Ground site.