Elizabeth Arcade

Built in 1966, Elizabeth Arcade on Elizabeth Street in Brisbane’s CBD was a potential site for asbestos. The owner of the arcade contacted Douglas Partners Brisbane offi ce to arrange an asbestos survey and prepare an asbestos register and management plan to comply with relevant regulations.

Elizabeth Arcade in the CBD of Brisbane was constructed many years ago and had potential to contain asbestos.

The site contains six separate buildings that are interlinked by various stairs and narrow walkways. Buildings have between two and four storeys, with the arcade in the centre at ground level.

Several refurbishments have been carried out over the years to cater for the needs of various tenants, and a variety of standards of
fit-outs and finishes exist at the site.

Douglas Partners was retained by the owner to survey all the buildings for asbestos, and also to prepare an Asbestos Register and Asbestos Management Plan in accordance with statutory requirements.

The arcade is typical of historic inner city buildings where owners and occupiers must ensure that the occupants of the building(s) are not exposed to hazards from asbestos due to the condition of the building. Regulations require the employer and/or the controller of the premises to identify any foreseeable hazard arising from the premises that have potential to harm the health or safety of any person accessing or using the premises. The employer/controller of the premises must assess the risk and implement strategies to eliminate or control any hazard identified.