Harrington Grove

The key to achieving successful outcomes for land development projects is early and comprehensive land capability statements.

Early and comprehensive land capability assessments are increasingly important in achieving successful outcomes to land development projects in Australia. Geo-environmental issues and constraints which are required to be addressed prior to development approval generally include site stability, erosion potential, salinity, sodicity, soil reactivity, mine subsidence, acid sulfate soil potential and land contamination. A comprehensive understanding of how these factors affect a specific site has a significant impact upon the planning, design and construction of a project. It is therefore vital that these studies are conducted at the very earliest stage in a proposed land development in order to minimise delays and avoid unforeseen costs.

Douglas Partners was commissioned to determine the capability of the land for urban Development of a proposed re-zoning of 760 hectares, which has been identified by the NSW Government and Camden Council as having the potential for residential development.

The investigations involved a team of specialist engineers and scientists and included a review of historical records/ aerial photographs, site inspections, test pit excavation, sample collection and testing.