Ramu 2 Hydro Electric Scheme

Hydro-based electricity generation plays a significant role in PNG’s energy mix which has an abundance of untapped hydropower resources. The Ramu 2 Hydro Electric Scheme project is for a 180MW hydroelectric power station on the Ramu River downstream of existing hydroelectric facilities, will develop the final 570m head of water in the Ramu Gorge.

The Ramu 2 HEP Scheme will develop the remaining river head in the Ramu Gorge, between Ramu 1 tailrace Tunnel and the Ramu valley, a head of 570m.

The scheme is planned to meet the future power demands of local mines and associated processing plants, as well as domestic demand between Lae and the Western Highlands.

Doulgas Partners has been involved in Ramu since 1967 when a Douglas Partners Principal was part of the original geological investigation team for the scheme.

Over the last two years (2013 – 2014) Douglas Partners were engaged by Parsons Brinckerhoff on behalf of PNG Power and the IPBC (Independant Public Business Corporation of PNG) to carry out pre-feasibility and then full fi eld investigations for a feasibility study of the revised scheme.

Douglas Partners carried out:

• Geological and geomorphological mapping at the weir and power station sites as well as along then8.25km head-race tunnel route beneath extremely rugged, jungle clad terrain;

• Seismic refraction traversing;
• Managed and supervised the drilling campaign;
• Soil and rock labratory testing;
• Seismic risk assessment; and
• Prepared a detailed factual report.