Marine Dredging & Environmental Studies

Douglas Partners provides services to clients seeking to determine the physical and chemical characteristics of marine and estuarine sediments and their potential impact on the environment.

Our services for marine dredging and environmental studies assists clients seeking to understand:

  • Chemical contamination of the water column or the surrounding marine environment in which they are deposited;
  • Suspended sediment content in the water;
  • Fluvial processes.

Our range of services, backed by an innovative drilling and field services unit, include:

  • Environmental assessment of marine and estuarine sediments;
  • Acid sulfate soil assessment of sediments;
  • Specialist in-situ sampling and testing of fine sediments;
  • Geotechnical investigation for dredging works design;
  • Harbour reclamation studies;
  • Dredged spoil disposal advice;
  • Conductivity Cone Penetration testing to determine stratification and comparative contaminant levels;
  • Geophysical surveys of bottom sediment type and depth; and
  • Validation of sediment remediation