Occupational Hygiene Services

The occupational hygiene services provided by Douglas Partners include management of asbestos/hazardous building materials as well as identification, assessment and control of numerous other chemical, biological and physical stressors in the workplace.

Our qualified and experienced consultants include members of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH), Licensed Asbestos Assessors (LAA’s) and Competent Person(s) who conduct assessments in accordance with Australian legislative requirements, standards, codes of practise and industry guidelines. 

Our occupational hygiene services include:

Asbestos / Hazardous Materials
  • Sample collection and analysis;
  • Building surveys (general compliance, due diligence and demolition purposes);
  • Air monitoring for asbestos, lead and other contaminants;
  • Clearance inspections and certificates; 
  • Management plans;
  • Technical supervision of removal work; and
  • Investigation of unexpected finds.
Occupational Hygiene
  • Air monitoring;
  • Noise dosimetry, surveys and mapping;
  • Thermal stress assessments;
  • Lighting assessments;
  • Vibration assessments (hand-arm and whole body);
  • Radiation assessments (ionising and non-ionising);
  • Mould/fungi and bacteria assessment;
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ);
  • Odour investigation;
  • Analysis of unidentified substances; and
  • Occupational health and safety audits.