Landfill Services

Douglas Partners has considerable experience with landfills and has facilities to assist in all aspects of design, gas control, water control and site management including liaison with regulatory bodies and supervision of works on site.

All works are designed and carried out to the most relevant and current legislation and are undertaken with due diligence to provide best value for clients and the environment.

Landfill services offered by Douglas Partners includes:

Landfill Design
  • Cell and capping design with clay, HDPE (cell), LLDPE (capping), geo-composites and protective geo-fabrics tailored to site conditions;
  • Leachate drainage and collection systems;
  • Surveying to provide design base levels and production of construction drawings;
  • 3 dimensional modelling for waste and soil (extraction) volumes;
  • Slope stability assessment and settlement calculations;
  • Restoration and post closure plans including final height contours, both pre and post settlement;
  • Terrain analysis, geological mapping and desk studies for the siting of new landfills.
Water & Leachate
  • Hydrology and hydrogeology assessments;
  • Water balance studies;
  • Surface water control design;
  • Leachate control and treatment studies; and
  • Lagoon design.
Landfill Management
  • Landfill Environmental Management Plans;
  • Operational and Closure Plans; and
  • Phasing plans for sites including drawings, volumetrics and soils balances.
Landfill Gas
  • Due diligence on current and former operational landfill sites;
  • Design mitigation for construction over or near former landfill sites including ventilation, extraction and barrier systems;
  • Site management and action plans for the control and remediation of landfill gas migration;
  • Assessment of landfill gas migration using chemical and carbon fingerprinting techniques;
  • Gas field design including well placement, design and installation quality assurance;
  • On site gas monitoring including composition of gas, flow of gas and capping/ well integrity;
  • Investigation and mitigation of sub surface fires.