Remediation Services

Douglas Partners provides remediation services to a wide range of clients including state waste management authorities; local government authorities; state government departments & authorities; federal government departments; private landfill operators; land developers; industrial/contaminated landowners.

Our services provided include:

  • Site investigations;
  • Development of cost-effective remediation strategies and action plans;
  • Remediation options evaluation for soils including soil vapour extraction, soil washing, stabilization/solidification, containment cell, thermal desorption, vitrification, bioremediation and phytoremediation;
  • Remediation options evaluation for ground water including pump and treat, chemical oxidation, bioremediation (biostimulation and/or bioaugmentation), permeable reactive barrier, monitored natural attenuation and phytoremediation;
  • Predictive modelling;
  • Design of soil and groundwater remediation systems;
  • Design of soil gas mitigation systems including active or passive sub-slab ventilation and passive barriers;
  • Supervision, and validation of remediation works;
  • Management of environmental protection and OH&S during remediation;
  • Contaminated spoil/fill management and disposal;
  • Independent assessment and verification.