Vibration Monitoring

Douglas Partners have provided vibration monitoring services and management strategies for our clients developed and refined for over 25 years.

Vibration Monitoring is often required on building and infrastructure projects of all sizes, usually where rock excavation, piling or vibratory compaction is planned near potentially affected buildings or infrastructure.

Vibration Monitoring is often a condition of DA approvals and/or required by owners of underground assets such as services, rail tunnels and other infrastructure. With the increasing tendency towards litigation many clients use our monitoring services to help safeguard against possible claims made by neighbours and asset owners relating to vibration damage.

At Douglas Partners, vibration monitoring is undertaken by experienced Geophysicists and Geotechnical engineers using regularly calibrated equipment, giving all stakeholders confidence in the accuracy of recorded vibration levels and the integrity of our reporting and advice.

Syd Cbd1 Abseiling Oct15

Vibration monitoring taking place in Sydney CBD by our expert Geophysics Consultants.

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