Geomechanics For Near Shore & Off Shore Structures

Douglas Partners offers geotechnical investigations and testing services for both Near Shore and Off Shore Structures around Australia.

Combining our integrated service approach with our specialised testing equipment, Douglas Partners are expertly positioned to provide solutions and advice for clients who require assistance with near shore and off shore structures.

The range of services that we provide for offshore geomechanics includes:

  • Geotechnical investigations in the open sea from drilling ships and barges;
  • Specialised testing equipment, including a wide range of cone penetration testing gear, soil samplers and environmental monitoring systems;
  • Geotechnical design and analysis of offshore foundations, gravity based structures, well configuration and anchors;
  • Marine geophysical exploration;
  • Subsea inspections using licensed divers;
  • Onshore and offshore soils laboratory testing;
  • Geotechnical assessment and numerical analyses of soil behavior;
  • Site investigations for pipeline route surveys and assessment of seabed stability;
  • Dynamic pile capacity testing; 
  • Sediment contamination assessments for dredging;
  • Offshore geotechnical surveys; and
  • Evaluation of seismicity and site response