Engineering Geology & Slope Stability Assessments

Our team of highly experienced engineering geology consultants provide services and support for engineering geology and slope stability assessments.

Douglas Partners' in-house team of qualified consultants in the areas of geotechnics, rock mechanics and geophysics are able to provide clients with expert advice and innovative solutions in the area of engineering geology & slope stability assessments.

Services and support are available in the following areas:

  • Engineering geology (site evaluation; terrain evaluation and classification; materials sources, suitability and resource estimates; quarry site selection; route evaluation and selection);
  • Mining engineering (design of pit slopes and slope stabilisation; shafts, tunnels and underground rock mechanics; subsidence estimation; tailings dams and management systems; infrastructure; mine floor stability); and
  • Earthquake engineering (surface seismic refraction and shallow refraction profiling; downhole and crosshole P&S wave logging; marine seismic reflection profiling; bathymetric and sidescan sonar mapping; electrical resistivity profiling and vertical electrical sounding; electromagnetic (EM) profiling and magnetometer profiling; gravity surveys and ground penetrating radar imaging)