Groundwater Monitoring

Information on the quality of groundwater, and the levels and direction of groundwater flow, are essential elements of most groundwater assessments.

The construction of monitoring bores or piezometers allows information on groundwater levels and groundwater quality to be obtained. Networks of groundwater monitoring locations are designed to establish baseline (pre-development) conditions, and to record changes (if any occur) over time.  

Douglas Partners’ expertise in groundwater monitoring includes:

  • The design and installation of groundwater monitoring networks comprising monitoring bores and / or piezometers;
  • The installation of Vibrating Wire Piezometers (VWPs), downloading and processing of VWP data;
  • Installation of dataloggers, and the downloading, correction and analysis of pressure transducer data;
  • Installation of dataloggers in remote areas and downloading via telemetry (i.e. mobile phone networks);
  • Field recording of water quality parameters;
  • Sampling of groundwater for detailed analysis of chemical parameters at a NATA accredited laboratory;
  • Design and undertaking of groundwater monitoring programs; and
  • Analysis and reporting of monitoring data for submission to Regulatory Authorities.