Rock Mechanics

Douglas Partners' Rock Mechanics team are able to provide clients a range of mining and rock mechanics services to both the mining and civil engineering industries across Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Our expert engineering geologists and consultants across our integrated disciplines offer a range of Rock Mechanics services, particularly specialising in:

  • Declines / Drifts / Tunnels;
  • Shafts;
  • 2D & 3D Modelling;
  • Subsidence;
  • Resource Infrastructure Studies;
  • Slope Stability; and
  • Groundwater.

“The report prepared by Douglas Partners is of exceptional quality and provides the necessary level of detail and recommendations for the FS to proceed. Considering the enormous area and extreme geologic and geotechnical issues over the site area this was a tremendous effort and Douglas Partners should be commended for their work on this project.”

Meet some of Douglas Partners' key Engineering Geologists and Consultants.