New Starters Induction and Graduate Development Program at Douglas Partners

New Starters Induction and Graduate Development Program at Douglas Partners

At Douglas Partners, we believe in nurturing the talent and providing a solid foundation for ongoing professional growth. Our New Starters Induction and Graduate Development Programs are designed to equip our newest people with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to thrive in their career. Empowering New Talent for Success We recently convened our Annual New Starter Induction […]

What does an environmental auditor do?

As Australia’s emphasis on sustainable development and environmental protection continues to grow, environmental auditors are playing an increasingly important role in ensuring that projects are undertaken in an environmentally responsible manner.   Their key responsibilities include: 1. Verify the suitability of sites Environmental auditors play a particularly important role in ensuring that potentially, or, confirmed […]

What skills are important to become an environmental consultant?

Environmental consultants play a critical role in ensuring that our environment is protected and that our natural resources are used sustainably. But what skills do you need to be an environmental consultant in Australia? 1. Strong Analytical Skills Environmental consultants need to be able to analyse and interpret complex data and scientific information to develop […]

Understanding ground conditions for site classification and land development

Irrespective of scale, to build, develop or redevelop on a foundation without a detailed understanding of the ground conditions is a high-risk activity. In fact, to ignore this can lead to consequences like development structures cracking, leaning, sinking, slipping, and sometimes collapse. And not to mention, drive costs up in the process. Ground composition and […]

How to become an Environmental Engineer/Scientist

The growth of our communities, cities, and society at large, relies significantly on industries such as mining, manufacturing, and construction. This ensures that we can access natural resources and build homes, and so that industries can produce food and other items to meet our daily needs. Waste, pollution, and disruption to our natural ecosystem, are […]

How environmental specialists advocate for our natural environment

Environmental engineers, including environmental specialists/consultants have a profound impact on the world’s environmental problems. They use the scientific principles of biology, ecology, chemistry, and more, to develop effective ethical and socially responsible solutions to improve recycling, waste disposal, public health, and water and air pollution control. While a geotechnical engineer is concerned with the behaviour […]

Are geotechnical engineers in demand?

Geotechnical engineers are skilled interpreters of the Earth’s surface and below. They specialise in understanding and predicting the behaviour of the ground, so that buildings, roads, bridges, etc. are built safely, sustainably and in accordance with current standards. Everything is built into the ground; therefore, a geotechnical engineer must gain a deep understanding of the […]

A day in the life of a geotechnical engineer

Geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists shape the modern landscape. When you see roads, bridges, buildings, or any structure that is tied to the Earth, geotechnical engineering likely played a role. If you ask them what a typical day of work looks like, you will possibly hear, “no two days are the same”, which may be […]

What do geotechnical engineers do?

Geotechnical engineering involves the assessment of the soil and rock conditions at a particular site, and their implications for the development of that site. As most structures rely on the ground for support, it is without surprise that a detailed understanding of the ground conditions, and the suitability of foundation systems, are vital to the […]

DP Environmental Scientist Inspires Students at UNSW

Nicola Warton, an Environmental Scientist from our Sydney office, was invited to speak at the UNSW Open Day recently. She spoke to a lecture theatre of over 200 prospective students and their families about her career as an environmental scientist and her work with us, expanding on some of the opportunities a science degree can […]