Douglas Partners assist UOW in coalwash-flyash investigations

Douglas Partners is pleased to be assisting the University of Wollongong with site investigations associated with a field trial being undertaken on Moss Vale Road at Barrengarry.

Moss Vale Road

A section of the road will be re-constructed using a coalwash-flyash base and performance monitored over time. The field trial is part of an ARC Linkage project investigating the performance of the coalwash-flyash matrix under heavy cyclic loading led by Distinguished Prof. Indraratna and his research team at the Centre for Geomechnics and Railway Engineering.

The project is a collaboration between the University of Wollongong, University of Sydney and University of Newcastle, Roads and Maritime Services, South 32 and Douglas Partners. Field investigations include cone penetration testing (pictured), borehole drilling, standpipe piezometer and inclinometer installation.