DP Approach Saves Time and Money

We are privileged to not only assist our clients with solving their ground engineering problems but we also get to see some special parts of the world. One example was a small project along the foreshore of Port Stephens in NSW where our client (Royal Haskoning DHV) was looking to prepare conceptual designs for the upgrade of an existing boat ramp and a pontoon structure.

Site inspection on the Port Stephens foreshore.

Site inspection on the Port Stephens foreshore.

For this project, rather than jumping into a costly investigation program, Douglas Partners used a total engineering geology approach to inform our client on the geotechnical risks and opportunities for the preliminary design of the boat ramp.

This approach combines a review of Douglas Partners extensive data base, GIS mapping and a site inspection by a senior geotechnical engineer to understand the geological and geomorphological history of the area.

Following the site inspection, a conceptual geotechnical model was developed and based on our experience in similar geological conditions, preliminary advice was provided to our client within a few days of the inspection.

Although the above project was small, the total engineering geology approach can also be applied to large civil projects. Using our experienced team of engineers and over 50 years of geotechnical data, we can provide early advice to projects such that preliminary design can commence and a targeted subsurface investigation can be implemented.