Managing Director wins 2019 Diversity Champion Award

We are pleased to share the news that our Managing Director, Will Wright has won 2019 Diversity Champion in the Hunter Diversity Awards this afternoon.

Douglas Partners Managing Director Will Wright accepted the 2019 Diversity Champion Award

Will didn’t even know he had been nominated until he was named a finalist!

In winning Will said “… it was a team effort at Douglas Partners to make the change and to build towards a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.”

He then went on to explain “… I’m a privileged, middle-aged white male from a comfortable middle-class background and I haven’t had a lot of the challenges that other people in the workplace and community have had. I haven’t been fighting bias and negative attitudes throughout my career and I think with that comes a real responsibility in that in my position it would be remiss and almost morally negligent not to have a crack and try to make a change with diversity and inclusion.”

Equal Futures

The Hunter Diversity Awards is an initiative of the Equal Futures Project – a local group of business leaders dedicated to raising awareness and funds that will facilitate gender equity in the region. In their fourth year, the awards aim to recognise and celebrate the diversity champions among us, those who have discovered what works in making their organisation and/or community a fairer, more equitable and more successful place to live and work.

We would like to thank the The Equal Futures Project for supporting diversity and gender equity in the Hunter Region and also thanks go to the Newcastle Business Club for hosting today’s awards.

We are very proud to be led by a leader who embraces, encourages and supports us all to be who we are as individuals regardless of gender, ethnicity or age. – Congratulations Will.