About Us

Our Values

Our values are what we believe in, they guide what we do on a daily basis.

Our values are driven by a desire to apply our knowledge and skills honestly and fairly, and serve our clients without compromising welfare, health or safety.

Tech Seminar 2017 Attendees

We value good Character. In fact we recruit, recognise, review and reward our staff based on the character shown in meeting our company objectives. Our Core Character values are:


Looking out for each other so that everyone goes home safe and well.


Being truthful in what we say and do.


Fulfilling commitments even in the face of difficulty.


Understanding others so that we can effectively work with them.


Maintaining a good attitude even when faced with difficulty.


Treating others with honour and dignity.


Adjusting to change with good attitude.

Combining good character with high levels of technical expertise provides a winning combination and is one of the secrets to our consistently high standards.