Douglas Partners’ 36th Annual Technical Seminar – A Celebration of Continuous Improvement

Douglas Partners‘ 36th Annual Technical Seminar was not just an assembly of professionals but a vibrant celebration of the theme of Continuous Improvement.

At the core of the event were over 60 engaging presentations by engineers, scientists, and consultants from across the company. These sessions delved deep into project challenges, shared insights gained from overcoming obstacles, and presented novel approaches. In doing so, the seminar served as a powerful testament to Douglas Partners’ enduring commitment to excellence – cultivating a culture of innovation, collaboration, and positive change.

Celebrating achievements

In alignment with the event theme, we took the opportunity to recognise outstanding contributions made by our team members.

Among the standout presentations were:

Douglas Partners 36th Annual Technical Seminar 12
  • An exploration of ‘Evaluating Risk Appetites as Third-Party Reviewers’ provided valuable insights into risk assessment practices, shedding light on strategies to enhance project evaluation and decision-making processes.
  • An examination of ‘Addressing PFAS Challenges on Greenfield Sites and the Integration of Continuous Improvement’ underscored the importance of adapting to evolving environmental concerns. This presentation highlighted innovative approaches to mitigate PFAS contamination and showcased our commitment to staying at the forefront of environmental stewardship.
PFAS Sources
  • A presentation on ‘Advancements in Passive Rock Slope Stabilisation Design’ showcased cutting-edge techniques for enhancing slope stability.
Photogrammetry to measure slope defects.
Photogrammetry to measure slope defects.
  • An instructive presentation on ‘Groundwater Contouring’, emphasising the importance of continuous improvement in refining fundamental practices.
Hydrogeological rule
Hydrogeological rule

The prestigious Don Douglas Award recognised the proactive contributions and research findings of two Douglas Partners engineers, on mine infill grout segregation and its consequences for mine remediation. Their research aims to address challenges in verifying the effectiveness of remediation efforts due to variations in the engineering properties of the grout. Their findings establish a correlation between the delivery method of grout and its spatial distribution, providing insights to enhance grouting operations and improve remediation outcomes. Stay tuned for the release of a detailed paper outlining their study – coming soon.

Results – relationship between method of deposition, flow behaviour and grout distribution.
Results – relationship between method of deposition, flow behaviour and grout distribution.

Comradery & social responsibility

Beyond the technical discussions that defined the seminar, Douglas Partners’ unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility took center stage. During our team dinner, held on a cruise beneath the iconic Harbour Bridge, we proudly unveiled a commissioned artwork as part of our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.

Also, we took a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the significant impact of our partnership with Engineers Without Borders, particularly in the Northern Rivers Flood Project.