Reflecting on Resilience: ‘Rebuilding the Northern Rivers’—A Story of Community and Collaboration

In March 2022, the Northern Rivers region faced unprecedented flooding that left communities devastated. Douglas Partners, in collaboration with Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB) and other industry partners, stepped forward to assist in the recovery efforts. EWB’s recent documentary, ‘Rebuilding the Northern Rivers,’ directed by Isabella Fredheim and Peter Teys, showcases the vital role of volunteer engineers and the profound impact of collective action in disaster recovery.

Insights from the Ground: Volunteer Engineers at Work

As part of our commitment to community support and dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility, Douglas Partners provided pro-bono geotechnical expertise, working alongside Engineers Without Borders and Holding Hands Under Ground, to address the urgent needs of over 100 flood-affected families and businesses.

Angus, David, Scott and Gary, volunteers from Douglas Partners, played a crucial role in the field by conducting geotechnical mapping, Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) tests, and collecting soil samples for geotechnical and chemical analysis.

Angus firsthand account brings to life the scenes of disruption and the pivotal role of engineering solutions. “Upon arriving at each site, the extent of damage from the landslips was startling,” Angus recalls. “The most rewarding part,” Angus notes, “was connecting with the community, understanding their struggles, and providing solutions that not only restored their properties but also their peace of mind.”

Watch ‘Rebuilding the Northern Rivers’

‘Rebuilding the Northern Rivers’ not only highlights the challenges faced but also celebrates the successes and resilience of the community. Through these stories, the film sheds light on the critical role of engineering solutions in disaster response and recovery.

Douglas Partners remains committed to supporting communities in crisis with expertise, compassion, and innovation.

We invite you to watch ‘Rebuilding the Northern Rivers’ to witness the strength of a community coming together in the face of adversity and to understand the depth of impact our collaborative efforts can achieve.

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